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Indonesian Metal Takeover: Unborn Celestial
Gritter: Sour Mash and Spanish Moss
Give The Signal
Indonesian Metal Takeover: Unborn Celestial If you haven't heard... the Indonesian metal scene is official. Unborn Celestial comes strait out of Jakarta, IN. With a technical melodic wave of brutal riffs Unborn Celestial has a statement for the rest of the world... that Jakarta Metal is not to be taken lightly, it's serious, it's real, and it's no joke. It's just a matter of time that Indonesian metal will surface like zombies, grabbing the heals of unsuspecting metal fans.  
Gritter: Sour Mash and Spanish Moss Formed in the crucible of Richmond Virginia's underground gutter drone music scene, Gritter is a band that delivers shotgun blasts from both barrels when the trend in modern metal tends toward speed and surgical precision. Turning their backs on the idea that metal should be faster, more technical, and high complex, Gritter has deliberately carved out the groove by down tuning and creating a tempo akin to fucking in a tar pit, and drawing out riffs literally dripping with the slow sexy drawl of the south.
Fumigation Today's metal scene lacks bands with a constant theme, or at least an interesting one. Through this void enters Fumigation. The theme of insects, rodents and chemicals is entertaining, insightful, and humorous all at the same time. From phobias to infestations, harborages to feeding habits, Fumigation will dissect the situation and select the best method of control. This method usually comes in the form of groove laden death metal.  
Give The Signal Give The Signal is a Dark Metallic Hardcore band based in Akron, Ohio. Originally birthed in 2007 by 3 friends looking to make music together in a scene over populated with pop scene. They eventually grew into a five piece and now a few years later they have grown our fanbase by playing hundreds of shows and tons of promotion. They are currently writing for their next release and fine tuning their sound. You can check them out here in the CUD community.  

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Submission Guidelines for 2011 Comp

We are accepting submissions for song inclusion on the first Curled Up Dead comp.

Planned release - 2011

Submission Guidelines:

1. Email mp3, band information, song information and contact information to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. If selected, you will be contacted about finalizing the submission and how to proceed via email.

3. Submission deadline: June 21, 2011

If you have any other questions or inquires, please email us.



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